REVĪVŌ Wellness Resort Bali

20-26 january, 2019

Sleep and Relax
a retreat to fight insomnia

REVĪVŌ wellness resort bali / / january 20-26, 2019

Return to the mindset of being a good sleeper with our signature Sleep retreat. A wellness retreat designed to create a truly personalised and exclusive experience that will relax, rejuvenate, inspire and transform your being from the inside out. You will learn to live the life you desire, with the ability to switch off and find total relaxation when it’s needed and feel the vitality that will help you realise your dreams. All of our retreats are designed to give you the tools required to help restore natural balance and harmony to every aspect of your life, from the very basic need of sleep to what it means to find true fulfilment in whatever you do.

This 6 night retreat is designed to nourish your body, mind and soul, in the ideal environment to reacquaint you with much needed relaxation, quietness of mind, vitality of spirit and a reignited zest for life. Located in the Nusa Dua region of Southern Bali, surrounded by a tropical teak forest, this peaceful luxury paradise is one of our handpicked travel destinations where you can discover what it feels like to feel your absolute best.

Our retreat is a blend of self discovery, personal contemplation and group discussion where you will discover exactly what you need in order to find restful sleep and nourishment of your body and soul. Run by our expert naturopath and natural sleep practitioner Tristian Kelly, you will be expertly guided in ways to improve your wellbeing. Starting with sleep as one of the key pillars to health, you will learn everything you need to feel motivated and energised.

LOCATION: bali, indonesia

Nusa Dua Bali, known for its white sandy beaches, international jetset crowd, watersports and tropical jungle is now known as a world-class wellness destination.

Spread across 2.8 hectares of lush teak forest, just 20 minutes from Denpasar airport, the resort embodies a holistic vision of wellness. Featuring an array of luxury Balinese style suites and villas, the surrounds offer peace and serenity for complete rejuvenation.  

REVĪVŌ, meaning I’ll live again” is a lush enclave surrounded by dense tropical rainforest and the Indian ocean. 


  • Yoga Barn
  • Aerial Yoga outdoor space
  • Meditation Room
  • Pilates Studio
  • Fitness Room with TRX, boxing and kinesis equipment
  • 50m lap pool, hot and chill plunge pools
  • Consultation rooms
  • 25 metre chemical-free swimming pool
  • Jacuzzis, Infrared Sauna, Steamroom and Hammam
  • Restaurant "Nu"
  • Bar and Poolside lounge
  • 5 Treatment rooms
  • Salt Water Floating Pool


(aerial flow, hatha,vinyasa, ashtanga, pranayama, iyengar, restorative, aqua yoga fitmat, yin, hammock yoga)

(tai chi, balinese primordial sound, tibetan meditation)
pilates(restorative, fusion, pilates for golfers)

hybrid fitness area
(hiit dance, kickboxing, trx, h.e.a.t, muay thai, circuit training)

Sample Daily Schedule:

  • 7.30 am Morning Healing Shots
  • 8.00am Class (Vinyasa yoga, Aerial Yoga, meditation etc)
  • 9am Breakfast
  • 10.30am Lecture with Tristian
  • 12.30pm Lunch
  • 3.00pm Personalised consult
  • 4.00pm Spa Treatment (eye rejuvenation, Ayurvedic Shirodara, food rub etc))
  • 7.00pm Dinner


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6 nights at one of Bali's most luxury wellness retreats. The perfect opportunity to connect with nature while in the comfort and luxury of a garden room or pool suite. Every room has access to residence pools, lounge areas and shaded pavilions.

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REVIVO's dining offers the option of fresh wholesome organic cuisine at Nu , or sophisticated tastes at the healthy bar "Tri" or a beverage at the poolside bar "O". The focus is to serve food as close to its natural state as possible, to sharpen and delight taste buds while supporting health.

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This 6 night retreat is designed to nourish your body, mind and soul, and reacquaint you with much needed relaxation, quietness of mind, vitality of spirit and a reignited zest for life. Along with workshop activities that consists of 2 hours per day, there is a choice of activities to chose from including spa and hotel activities and adventures from the surrounding area.


  • resdiscover what it feels like to wake up feeling refreshed
  • Feel restored and rejuvenated
  • Deepen your yoga and meditation practice
  • Feel energised and inspired to live the life you dream of
  • Enjoy relaxing and therapeutic treatments at Remissio spa
  • Personal one-on-one session with naturopath and sleep expert Tristian Kelly
  • Develop life long skills of being a good sleeper
  • Create your own SOS plan to stop insomnia in its tracks
  • Learn how to create your own sleep sanctuary
  • Find what it is in life that truly makes you content.


Starting at:

6 night retreat rate
from usd 3390



Tristian Kelly, founder of Counting Seashells, is a naturopath, nutritionist, Western Herbal Medicine Practitioner and curator of wellness retreats around the globe. After a successful career as a creative in the advertising and film industry, Tristian found herself burnt out and with longstanding chronic insomnia. After many failed attempts and a fortune spent in trying to find a treatment that really worked, Tristian took matters into her own hands and took it upon herself to learn everything there was to know about the natural treatment of insomnia. After some years working with patients, Tristian decided to create a workshop that would package everything she learnt to help people discover their own path to better sleep. Her passion for promoting the benefits of sleep remains firmly focussed in The Sleep Awakening workshop along with the key pillars of wellbeing including nutrition, lifestyle factors, relaxation and meditation, physical exercise and cognitive functioning.


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