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Counting Seashells Insomnia Program: Three weeks to better sleep


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“In a practical, realistic and user friendly guide, award winning writer turned naturopathic sleep therapist, Tristian Kelly shares her secrets as to how she managed to overcome twenty years of chronic insomnia. Designed to kick-start your mind and body into sleeping well again without the need for sleeping pills, Tristian offers effective and natural strategies as taught at the Bondi Sleep School.

As someone who slept as little as one hour a night, author Tristian Kelly knows exactly what you are going through and has condensed the best of everything she has learnt in her quest to beat insomnia into a manageable three week program.

You will learn scientifically proven methods for improving not only sleep but overall health and wellbeing, including naturopathic and nutritional advice such as foods to eat and foods to avoid along with sample menu plans and recipe suggestions.

You will learn to:

* Recognise what triggers your insomnia

*manage the times when you have insomnia with tips and coping strategies.

*re-boot your sleeping ability

* manage any contributing conditions such as stress, anxiety or depression

*retrain your brain to make it wired for good sleep

* understand how diet affects your sleep

*discover how your environment affects your seep.

*understand how stress effects sleep and what you can do about it

*manage work life balance

* practice mindfulness techniques to help calm your mind and stop obsessive worry about sleep

* understand why your insomnia started and how you have contributed to it

* calm your racing “monkey mind”

* reduce the anxious sensations that keep you awake

This is more than just a self-help guide about sleep. It is a personal account of overcoming insomnia and how you too can beat your insomnia.”

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