Sleep retreats: beautiful locations with expert consultations and science-backed treatments

AUSTRALIANS are sleep-deprived. In fact, almost 50 per cent of us aren’t clocking enough ZZZs and it’s costing the country an estimated $66.3 billion in health care and lost productivity.

While booking a stay at a sleep retreat might feel like an extravagance, think of it more as a long-term investment in your health. By blending day-spa perks and beautiful locations with top-notch expert consultations and science-backed treatments, sleep retreats can set you up with a lifetime’s worth of healthy bedtime habits.


Tackle Your Sleep Problems at this Specialised Sleep and Relax Retreat in Bali

Have you ever had trouble sleeping? Insomnia, a racing mind, waking up feeling like you haven’t even rested? You’re not the only one. Sleep is one of the most important aspects of our lives, but modern lifestyles have disturbed many people’s ability to sleep naturally, to wake up feeling refreshed. Luckily there is a science behind sleep and there are ways to teach yourself to find that natural rhythm again, as you will learn from Tristian Kelly during her Sleep and Relax Retreat in REVĪVŌ Wellness Resort in Bali.


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5 ways to improve the quality of your sleep

A sleep therapist weighs in

Let’s face it: nothing beats a solid nap session where you wake up feeling more refreshed than ever and ready to get on with the rest of your day. Or perhaps you’re the kind of person who ensures she gets a solid seven, eight or even nine hours of shut-eye every single night.

Whatever your snooze style, it’s important to keep in mind that quality is definitely more important than quantity. However, it’s not always possible or easy to achieve the perfect sleep each night.


COMO Shambhala Estate To Host Sleep Awakening Workshop

Published on 02/16/2018

COMO Shambhala Estate is launching The Sleep Awakening workshop on 17 to 22 May 2018, led by sleep consultant Tristian Kelly. This six-day, five-night workshop will help guests take control of their sleeping patterns, each day comprising 180 minutes of daily group coaching sessions with Tristian, as well as one-on-one consultations.


Wellness Retreats to Help Make every moment count

Published on 02/10/2018

Expert-led workshops at resorts are all the rage, and who doesn’t want to return from holidays feeling fulfilled and rested. The latest I have heard of is Sleep Awakening, a six-day immersion in May at Bali’s sublime COMO Shambhala Estate. If you suffer from insomnia, then sleep therapist Tristian Kelly has the tools and techniques to help. There’s much to be said, I reckon, for specialised retreats of this kind, in beautiful surrounds, with the company of like-minded spirits and professional guidance.


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