Hotel Transformations

Everyone who travels or spends time away from home knows how disruptive this can be to daily routines, not to mention sleep patterns, energy levels, fitness and nutrition. Our Wellness hotel transformations have been designed so your guests can benefit from environments conducive to health, vitality and wellbeing. Our Hotel Transformations introduce scientifically validated features into the built environment to positively impact health, vitality, relaxation and wellbeing. By fusing the latest in technology, health, science and design we can help you create spaces that not only enhance guest experience, they can enhance health and performance as well.

If you would like an added advantage over your competitors we can arrange for your hotel rooms and facilities to be “Well Certified” in accordance with International Standards.

With “Wellness Tourism” fast becoming a trillion dollar industry and growing steadily and, according to the Global Wellness Institute accounting for more than 1 in every 7 travel dollars spent, it makes good business sense to ensure you are catering to this burgeoning and lucrative market.

For a surprisingly affordable price your hotel rooms can be transformed into spaces that will not only enhance the experience of your business and leisure traveller, they will also provide benefits including:

* improved sleep
* greater energy
* increased hydration
* improved fitness
* better digestion, including benefits to skin and circulation.
* improved immunity
* enhanced respiratory health

Added benefits include reduced jet lag, stress and fatigue.

We can advise you on the latest technologies to fit out your hotel rooms and suites such as Dawn Simulation Alarm Clocks and Circadian Lighting, we offer advice on cleaning protocols, naturopathic designed wellness menu options, including foods specifically for sleep and optimum digestion as well as air purification checks, aromatherapy, flooring elements, hypo allergenic sheets and mattresses, apps for health and fitness and fatigue/stress management to name but a few of our health and wellness in room experiences.

The same can apply to meetings and conferences. We can provide elements and protocols which are conducive to wellbeing and health for those having to spend time indoors for sustained periods of time.

Everything is designed to complement your existing hospitality brand to create a wellness experience that takes your existing brand to a whole new level.


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