About Tristian – Sleep Therapist


Welcome to my website! A site dedicated to help insomniacs, stressed out executives, wired workers and time poor mums, discover how to sleep better at night and find extra energy during the day. To keep things interesting I throw in  a mix of my passions which include food, interiors and stories I could never tell my mum! I draw from my own personal experience of being an insomniac/stressed out advertising creative and how I managed to turn things around.

I’m all about providing you with tips that are easy to implement and actually work, not to mention stories that are interesting and fresh. When you start getting to know me you will realise more than anyone on this planet I understand what it’s like not to sleep. So you can rest assure I have catered my content accordingly. I’m here to give you the motivation and tools to keep going in your quest for wellbeing and how to sleep better.

If you’re one of the growing numbers of insomniacs out there, I know how many reasons you can find out give up trying to find a cure, believe me I know. You’re most likely tried anything and everything and nothing seems to work.  I hear you, I’ve been there and I’m here to show you that you can beat your insomnia and turn your health around.

My Story

I’m an advertising creative who spent close to twenty years trying to find a cure for my chronic insomnia. Despite the I was was working for some of the world’s biggest ad agencies and winning some pretty big awards, my personal life was a crumbling mess as you would most likely expect from having weeks, months, years on end with next to no sleep. After trying pretty much every therapy on the market (both natural and pharmaceutical) not to mention spending my entire life savings in the process, I left my job in advertising to make it my life mission to find a long lasting solution to the living hell that was insomnia.

I chose to focus on natural remedies as I’d had enough first hand experience of the side effects from prescription medication to know that was not the road I wanted to take. In 2008 I left my job as a copywriter to study naturopathy full time.

My qualifications now include being a naturopath, nutritionist, western herbal medicine practitioner and homeopath as well as having graduated from Sydney University (Psychology). Since graduating as a naturopath, I have specialised in sleep disorders, helping insomniacs manage and beat their insomnia. I believe that if you are prone to insomnia you will always have times in your life that it appears, yet I can give you the tools to quickly beat it so that it doesn’t end up creating rebound insomnia from being anxious about not sleeping. I’ll give you the confidence to know insomnia only need be very short lived.

My career has taken me down the path of discovery as to how the places where we work, live and enjoy also play a key role in preventing or contributing to health issues. I now also specialise in how the built environment impacts health and how you can transform the environments where you live and work into spaces that enhance your wellbeing.
I’m a firm believer of food as medicine and that diet is just as important if not more than any herbs or supplements I can prescribe. More than anyone on this planet, I understands what it’s like not to sleep and have the passion and understanding to help you beat your sleep disorder.

More about me

I’m an avid creative, as well as former TV presenter (I was a celebrity presenter on E!News and I had my own comedy TV show whilst working in advertising in both London and Sydney) and like to combine my skills wherever I can. My first book “Three Weeks to Better Sleep” was published in 2014 and I’m currently turning my second book “Diary of an Insomniac” into a You Tube Channel (a humorous take on a very serious matter). I’m also writing a cookbook about Foods to help you sleep and foods that will energise you when you’re tired. I’m the mother of a teenage boy and enjoy swimming, yoga and walking my dog Shadow.

Why did I choose to become a sleep therapist?

The thought of becoming a sleep therapist didn’t actually cross my mind until close to graduation, as until then I had fully intended on going back into advertising. However it was during my final year of treating patients in the clinic that I realised insomnia was becoming an epidemic and I was one of the only therapists in my course as passionate about the topic of sleep. Not only was there no one at college interested in sleep as a specialty, this was also echoed in the real world as there were next to no natural sleep therapists to speak of. It seems until very recently sleep was the most overlooked, unsexy topic in the well being, natural therapy realm. I’ve always found the topic of sleep fascinating,  and as a former insomniac, annoyed by being constantly given a generic one size fits all approach that never seemed to touch the surface, this was a challenge I knew I had to take. The fact that close to every second patient who came to see me was also struggling with an underlying sleeping problem was the final determining factor. So Counting Seashells clinic was born, a space dedicated to insomniacs and “stress heads”  to find natural solutions to help with sleep.

What will you read about in my blog?

I will more than likely jump around topics to keep things interesting but you can always be sure that it will centre around how to sleep better, and share with you my own struggles of juggling that elusive work life balance and trying to stay healthy and centred in the process. I will include stories from the past when I was a chronic insomniac because let’s face it, there’s nothing worse than someone preaching from the pulpits about how perfect they are. I’m human like everyone here and understand perfection with health isn’t always possible. Without making life too dull, I now chose to eat well majority of the time and drink far less alcohol than in my party animal days.

Counting Seashells is the go to place to find tips for helping sleeping, discover food to overcome insomnia, time saving and no brainer meals for when you really are too exhausted to cook but in need of good nutrition, natural sleep remedies, interesting stories I find on the web about sleep, interesting stories of my own and how to turn your home into a sanctuary for wellness. I will also sprinkle in their what it’s like to be a mum trying to be an entrepreneur, former advertising creative, recovering insomniac, sleep therapist who’s super passionate about creativity, cooking and my dog. Hopefully you won’t find my site dull. And most of all I want you to find my site realistic because for me there’s nothing worse than blogs that offer advice and recipes that are unrealistic to implement in the few spare hours of the day that I have.